Our Sponsors

The Society of Ploughmen is a registered charity and without the support of various companies, it would be extremely difficult to continue with its' activities. The Society works closely with all sponsors to formulate a package which best meets the sponsor's objectives. We have been able to work closely with a broad range of companies and organisations including:




Bridgewater Agricultural Society






Safety Revolution
J H Walter

British National Ploughing Championships Sponsors

The British National Ploughing Championships is the country's top ploughing match and one of the leading events in the farming calendar.  It is unique amongst large events in that it is held in a different part of the country each year.  This keeps the event fresh and whilst many enthusiasts visit each year, moving to a different location also attracts many new visitors.

The British National Ploughing Championships are currently organised with major sponsorship from:



Become a sponsor

We have many opportunities for sponsorship - whether for a small amount or a major profile. Why not have a chat with Sue Frith on 01302 852469 for more information.