European Ploughing Championships

The latest results of the European Ploughing Championships.


2018 European Vintage Ploughing Championships

were held at St Truiden, Belgium on 14th & 15th August 2018

The representatives from England were John Milnes in the trailing plough class, Colin Hewetson in the hydraulic class and Jon Cole in the classic plough class.


35th European Reversible Ploughing Championships

was held at Suzdal, Russia on Saturday and Sunday, 23rd and 24th June 2018.

The representatives from England were Peter Alderslade and Robert Snowden.  Overall Champion - Liam O'Driscoll, Republic of Ireland.













Above:  England Team in the European Vintage
Ploughing Championships in Belgium - left to right:
Jon Cole (classic), Colin Hewetson (vintage hydraulic),
John Milnes (vintage trailed), John Harris (judge)
















Above:  England Team in Russia, left to right:
Peter Alderslade, John Hill (judge) and Robert