World Ploughing Contests


67th World Ploughing Contest

Rathineska, Republic of Ireland on 21st & 22nd September 2022

Ploughing for England were:

Peter Alderslade (reversible) and David Chappell (conventional)

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Above: John Hill (World Board Member), Stewart Bunting (judge/coach),
Peter Alderslade, Ashley Boyles


66th World Ploughing Contest

Baudette, Lake of the Woods, USA on 30th & 31st August 2019

Ploughing for England were:

Peter Alderslade (reversible) and David Chappell (conventional)

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David Chappell (left) and Peter Alderslade after ploughing the 
grassland plots


65th World Ploughing Contest

Hofgut Einsiedel, Baden-Württemberg, Germany on 1st & 2nd September 2018

The Society of Ploughmen's representatives were:

Mick Chappell (reversible) and Ashley Boyles (conventional)

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Left to right: Mike Holloway (coach/judge); John Hill (world board member);
Mick Chappell (ploughman); Ken Chappell MBE (life world board
member); Sue Frith (Chief Executive, SOP); Ashley Boyles (ploughman).






Our World Champions over the years:

Leslie Goodwin, Herefordshire
1958 World Ploughing Champion


John Gwilliam, Herefordshire
1960 World Ploughing Champion


Vivian Samuel, Herefordshire
1980 World Ploughing Champion 
(New Zealand)


Graeme Witty, North Yorkshire
1988 World Ploughing Champion
1990 World Ploughing Champion
1992 World Conventional Ploughing Champion
1998 World Reversible Ploughing Champion 


John Hill, South Yorkshire
1992 World Reversible Ploughing Champion
1993 World Reversible Ploughing Champion 
2000 World Reversible Ploughing Champion


James Witty, North Yorkshire
2003 World Reversible Ploughing Champion


Simon Witty, North Yorkshire
2004 World Reversible Ploughing Champion
(Northern Ireland)
2005 World Reversible Ploughing Champion
(Czech Republic)
2006 World Reversible Ploughing Champion
(Republic of Ireland)
2007 World Reversible Ploughing Champion


John Milnes, South Yorkshire
1st World Vintage Ploughing Champion, 2016